13 Best and Most Beautiful Lakes in Slovakia You Must Visit

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Slovakia is full of beautiful and magical lakes. The most beautiful of them are located mainly in the High Tatras and other Slovak mountains. Slovakia offers you amazing places for swimming, thermal springs, and glacial and mountain lakes. Find a list of the best lakes in Slovakia below.

Glacial and Mountain Lakes in Slovakia:

  • Štrbské pleso
  • Veľké Hincovo pleso
  • Modré pleso
  • Zelené pleso
  • Velické pleso
  • Päť Spišských plies
  • Vrbické pleso
  • Water reservoir Klauzy

Lakes to Swim and Relax in Slovakia:

  • Liptovská Mara
  • Slnečné jazerá
  • Štiavnické Tajchy
  • Beňatinský travertín
  • Water Reservoir Ružiná

Discover with me the best Slovakia lakes from the list above to know where to go when you come to visit Slovakia. Enjoy reading and the attached pictures!

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13 Best and Most Beautiful Lakes in Slovakia You Must Visit
13 Best and Most Beautiful Lakes in Slovakia You Must Visit

What Are the Most Beautiful Slovakia Lakes?

Slovakia is a country rich in water resources and therefore there is a large number of mountain and glacial lakes, thermal springs, but also artificial dams and flooded quarries.

Many of them are popular not only by Slovaks but also by foreign tourists. This post will show you the thirteen most beautiful lakes that are worth a visit.

I divided these thirteen lakes into two groups. It is not possible to swim in the first group of lakes, while the lakes in the second group are mainly used for recreational activities and swimming.

Glacial and Mountain Lakes in Slovakia

Glacial and mountain lakes in Slovakia are mainly located in the High Tatras and Low Tatras. Mountain lakes in Slovakia have their own unique name, called Pleso (English translation is tarn). These are lakes of glacial origin.

Data on the number of Tatra lakes are incomplete and inaccurate because some of them gradually disappear. The number of Tatra glacial and mountain lakes ranges from 121 to 189.

Below you will find a list of the most beautiful and interesting glacial and mountain lakes in the Slovak mountains.

Štrbské Pleso – High Tatras

Strbske Pleso Mountain Lake (source)

Štrbské Pleso lake or tarn is probably the most famous Slovak lake. Its popularity is mainly due to its excellent location in the heart of the High Tatras and charming surroundings. Quick facts about Štrbské Pleso tarn:

Origin Moraine Glacial Lake
Area 19.76 ha (48.8 acres)
Maximum Deep 20 m (65.6 ft)
Altitude 1,346 m (4416 ft)
Location Part of settlement of Štrba village, High Tatras
GPS 49.118889°, 20.063611°

Štrbské Pleso can be visited throughout the year, it is a starting point for various hiking tours in the High Tatras during the summer and a starting point for skiing during the winter.

On the shore of the lake, you will find several excellent restaurants where you can try Slovak traditional food and enjoy beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding area. You should know that it is forbidden to swim in this lake.

TIP: Around the lake, there is a well-kept footpath, which is suitable for an undemanding but pleasant walk. A walk around the lake takes about 30 – 40 minutes.

Veľké Hincovo pleso – High Tatras

Velke Hincovo Pleso Glacial Lake (source)

Veľké Hincovo Pleso lake or tarn is known as the biggest mountain lake of glacial origin in Slovakia. Quick facts about Veľké Hincovo Pleso tarn:

Origin Moraine Glacial Lake
Area 20.08 ha (49.7 acres)
Maximum Deep 53.7 m (176.18 ft)
Altitude 1,946 m (6385 ft)
Location Mengušovská Dolina valley, High Tatras
GPS 49.179179°, 20.059447°

This lake is a very popular destination for mountain hikes in the High Tatras because it is located on a marked trail that leads to the Kôprovský Štít and at the same time it is a relatively undemanding hike.

The most frequently used trekking path to Veľké Hincovo Pleso lake is the hike from Štrbské Pleso through Popradské Pleso and further towards Kôprovský Štít Peak.

This hike takes around 2 hours one way and when you get there, your reward will be beautiful views of the lake valley and the surrounding peaks. But you should know that it is forbidden to swim in this glacial lake.

Interesting fact: Veľké Hincovo Pleso is the highest location of the occurrence of River trout in Slovakia and probably also in Europe.

Modré pleso – High Tatras

Modre Pleso Glacial Lake (source)

Modré Pleso lake or tarn is the highest non-drying mountain lake in the High Tatras and thus in Slovakia. Quick facts about Modré Pleso tarn:

Origin Moraine Glacial Lake
Area 0.40 ha (0.99 acres)
Maximum Deep 4.5 m (14.76 ft)
Altitude 2,192 m (7192 ft)
Location Malá Studená Dolina valley, High Tatras
GPS 49.192439°, 20.185561°

The traditional starting point for hikes to the Modré Pleso lake is Téryho Chata chalet and from this mountain lake, the route continues to Sedielko mountain pass, which is the highest situated tourist-accessible mountain saddle in the High Tatras.

Interesting fact: The English translation of this mountain lake is Blue Mountain Lake and the name was given for the dark blue color of the water, which is caused by the shadow of the surrounding peaks.

Zelené pleso – High Tatras

Zelene Pleso Glacial Lake (source)

Zelené Pleso is another mountain lake or tarn on this list located in the High Tatras. This mountain lake is of the most beautiful lakes in Slovakia in my opinion.

Origin Moraine Glacial Lake
Area 1.78 ha (4.40 acres)
Maximum Deep 4.5 m (14.7 ft)
Altitude 1,545 m (5069 ft)
Location Dolina Zeleného Jazera valley, High Tatras
GPS 49.208333°, 20.220833°

The color of the water from this mountain lake is green (Zelené means Green in the Slovak language) which creates a magical contrast to the surrounding mountains.

The trail path to this lake is not complicated so almost everyone can come to see this amazing place in the High Tatras. The hike is not physically demanding, but it is quite long and it takes around 2.5 – 3 hours one way and the easiest trail starts from Tatranské Maltiare village.

Watch this short video with the hike to Zelené Pleso and enjoy amazing views from this place.

Tip: You can find a hotel with a restaurant on the shore of the Zelené Pleso lake. The name of this hotel (chalet) is Chata pri Zelenom Plese and it is open all year round.

Velické pleso – High Tatras

Velicke Pleso Glacial Lake (source)

Velické Pleso is a glacial mountain lake located in Velická Dolina valley. It is a frequently visited place in the High Tatras, whether during summer or winter.

Origin Moraine Glacial Lake
Area 2.24 ha (5.54 acres)
Maximum Deep 4.5 m (14.7 ft)
Altitude 1,663 m (5456 ft)
Location Velická Dolina valley, High Tatras
GPS 49.15776°, 20.15579°

On the shore of this mountain lake, you can find the highest situated hotel in Slovakia called Sliezsky Dom. This hotel is a frequent starting point to climb Gerlachovský Štít peak, the highest peak of Slovakia.

Not far from Velické Pleso (15 minutes walk) there is another interesting attraction called Večný dážď (translated as Eternal Rain). Večný dážď is a specific veil created by flowing water over a rocky edge over the Velické Pleso.

Tip: Velické Pleso is the highest situated place in the Tatras, where you can get on a bike because asphalt road leads to this glacial lake.

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Päť Spišských plies – High Tatras

Päť Spišských plies Glacial Lakes (source)

Päť Spišských plies (translated as Five Spiš Glacial Mountain Lakes) are located at the end of Malá Studená Dolina valley in the High Tatras at the altitude of around 2000 meters.

Téryho chata chalet is located near these five glacial lakes and it is one the best-known chalet in the High Tatras. This chalet offers dormitory accommodation and a restaurant and is open all year round. Watch this video with a hike to Päť Spišských plies:

The starting point to Päť Spišských plies tarns and Téryho chata chalet is Hrebienok hill and the hike takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes one way.

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Vrbické pleso – Low Tatras

Vrbicke Pleso Mountain Lake (source)

Vrbické Pleso is the first mountain lake from this list which isn’t located in the High Tatras. Some quick facts about this glacial lake:

Origin Moraine Glacial Lake
Area 0.73 ha (1.80 acres)
Maximum Deep 8 m (26.2 ft)
Altitude 1,113 m (3651.6 ft)
Location Demänovská Dolina valley, Low Tatras
GPS 48.970083°, 19.5773°

Vrbické Pleso is a national natural monument and it is the biggest glacial lake in Low Tatras.

Tip: Around the whole tarn there is an undemanding hiking path suitable for families with children. The entire walkway can be bypassed in 20 minutes at a slow pace.

The trail begins at the Vrbická Chata Jasná chalet and continues around the tarn. On the sidewalk, there are various information boards that inform tourists about the diverse flora and facts about this glacial mountain lake.

Vodná nádrž Klauzy – Slovenský Raj national park

Reservoir Klauzy Mountain Lake (source)

Water reservoir Klauzy is located in Národný Park Slovenský Raj national park and was built on the upper reaches of the Biely Potok creek. Quick facts about this water reservoir:

Origin Created in 1781
Area 1.2 ha (2.97 acres)
Maximum Deep 7.3 m (23.9 ft)
Altitude 637 m (2090 ft)
Location Cadastral area of Smižany village, Slovenský Raj
GPS 48.912595°, 20.418581°

In the past, the reservoir Klauzy was used to regulate the water flow of the Biely Potok creek, today its importance lies in fish farming and in increasing the aesthetic value and tourist attractiveness of the Slovenský Raj national park.

Around Lake Klauzy there is a marked hiking trail across the Slovak Paradise. The basement of the hikes to the reservoir can be for example Kláštorisko or Čingov. The water reservoir is not used for swimming.

Lakes to Swim and Relax in Slovakia

The second group of Slovak lakes is mainly used for swimming, fishing, and relaxing. All lakes from this group listed in this post are artificial, so it means they were artificially created for different purposes.

They are frequently visited especially during the summer months when not only Slovaks but also tourists from other countries spend their free time here.

Below you will find a list of the most beautiful Slovak lakes to swim and relax.

Liptovská Mara – Liptov region

Liptovska Mara Lake (source)

Liptovská Mara lake is the biggest lake in Slovakia. It is located in the Liptov region, near to the High Tatras and Low Tatras. Quick facts about this lake:

Origin Created in 1969 – 1975
Area 2,700 ha (6,672 acres)
Maximum Deep 7.3 m (23.9 ft)
Altitude 566 m (1857 ft)
Location Liptov region
GPS 49.098824°, 19.489059°

Liptovská Mara water reservoir was built primarily to mitigate the danger of floods to the Váh river and to generate electricity. At present, the reservoir is used for various sports and recreational activities such as swimming, yachting, windsurfing, and others.

Nearby Liptovská Mara is the largest Slovak aquapark Tatralandia with thermal water and also thermal water park Thermal park Bešeňová.

Interesting fact: During the construction of Liptovska Mara, 13 villages were flooded and more than 4000 people were resettled.

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Slnečné jazerá – Senec town

Slnečné jazerá – Sunny Lakes (source)

Slnečné jazerá or also Senecké jazerá are known as Sunny lakes and are located in Senec town, close to the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. Quick facts about this lake:

Origin Created around 1845
Area 120 ha (296.5 acres)
Maximum Deep 12 m (39.4 ft)
Altitude 126 m (413 ft)
Location Senec town
GPS 48.218333°, 17.422222°

Slnečné jazerá is a very popular summer destination for Slovaks, especially for those from Bratislava. The lake is located about 30 minutes drive from Bratislava.

There are various accommodation, dining, water sports, and fishing opportunities. You can find here playgrounds for kids, beach volleyball courts, tennis courts, sports equipment rental (boats and water bikes), water slides, and much more.

Interesting fact: The lake began used as a natural swimming pool in 1919, under the name Slovak Tahiti.

Štiavnické Tajchy – Štiavnické Vrchy mountains

Tajch Počúvadlo Lake (source)

Štiavnické Tajchy are unique, artificial lakes (water reservoirs) in the area of Štiavnické Vrchy mountains, in Central Slovakia. The most famous lake is called Tajch Počúvadlo lake.

Štiavnické Tajchy were built in the 18th century to obtain energy resources for silver mining and the treatment of ores in mining. Nowadays, the Štiavnické Tajchy no longer serve their original purpose and in summer they are used for recreation and swimming.

You can watch this drone video with many of these unique and amazing artificial lakes in Štiavnické Vrchy mountains:

Interesting fact: Overall, it was built around 60 water reservoirs in Štiavnické Vrchy mountains, which is now preserved 24 of them and they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1993.

Beňatinský travertín – Vihorlat mountains

Benatina Travertine Lake (source)

Beňatinský travertín is a travertine artificial lake located near Beňatina village, in the protected landscape area of Vihorlat mountains. Quick facts about this travertine lake:

Origin Created in 1989
Area 0.24 ha (0.59 acres)
Maximum Deep 8 m (26.2 ft)
Altitude 491 m (1611 ft)
Location Beňatina village, Vihorlat mountains
GPS 48.813046°, 22.342505°

Beňatina travertine lake is a former travertine quarry, which was flooded by clear groundwater creating a beautiful turquoise lake.

The steep rock walls of the quarry contain a number of fossils of small marine animals, as well as an interesting 5-meter formation, which probably represents a fossilized imprint of a giant prehistoric fish.

Warning: you can swim in this lake at your own risk only due to dangerous underwater streams.

Water Reservoir Ružiná – Lučenec district

Ruzina Water Reservoir (source)

Ružiná water reservoir is the most popular lake in the south of Central Slovakia. Quick facts about this water reservoir:

Origin Created in 1969 – 1973
Area max 170 ha (420 acres)
Maximum Deep 6 m (19.7 ft)
Altitude 265 m (869 ft)
Location Ružiná and Divín village, Lučenec district
GPS 48.438333°, 19.556667°

Since its inception, the Ružiná reservoir has been used primarily for sports and recreational purposes not only for Slovaks but also for Czechs, Hungarians, or Germans. It is also popular for fishing and it is considered one of the hottest dams in Slovakia.

Interesting fact: At the beginning of September 2019, the Ružiná reservoir began to be discharged due to the reconstruction of the dam body and the mechanism of water discharge from the reservoir. Refilling of the reservoir is estimated to be three years.


I hope you found at least some of these lakes really beautiful and you will come to Slovakia and visit them.

This list of Slovak lakes is not complete at all so you can definitely find other beautiful and interesting lakes in Slovakia. Let me know which of them you like the most and write to me in the comments section about the others you found they are beautiful too.

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