What are Traditional Slovak Breakfast? 5 Typical Breakfasts

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Wondering what traditional breakfast Slovaks eat? Breakfast is the basis of the day. Therefore, the traditional Slovak breakfast was one of the most hearty meals of the day. Below you will find a short description of what Slovaks ate for breakfast in the past and what they eat now.

In the past, Slovak breakfasts were made up of what people grew themselves in the fields and from domestic animals. The most common meal for breakfast was various porridges, such as oatmeal or milk. Another traditional breakfast dish was bread with ointment, butter, vegetables, eggs, or bacon.

So, in short, you already know what Slovaks ate for breakfast in the past. But this post explains more about how traditional and typical Slovak breakfast looked like so sit back and read on.

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What is Traditional Slovak Breakfast 5 Typical Breakfasts
What are Traditional Slovak Breakfast 5 Typical Breakfasts

Typical and traditional Slovak breakfast

Eating is a basic biological need of man and is influenced by natural, historical, social, and economic factors. Eating is part of the culture of every nation.

The character of Slovak dishes, in this case, breakfast, was influenced mainly by cultivated plants and cereals and species of farmed animals. These then formed the basis of various types of food.

In the past, local and seasonal ingredients dominated the cuisine of our ancestors. Accordingly, the meals for breakfast had been changing seasonally.

In a peasant environment, breakfast was the main course and it was eaten before work. During demanding agricultural work (harvest, mowing, work in the vineyard, etc.), a double breakfast was served – dry food at home before work, and the cooked meal was carried and eaten where Slovaks worked.

Interesting fact: Before breakfast, the men used to drink schnapps (borovička, slivovica, or other fruit spirits) on an empty stomach for better health and digestion. This custom is still popular in Slovakia, especially among the elderly.

At present, Slovaks eat breakfast dishes that come from all over the world. Slovak products and ingredients still form a substantial part of Slovaks’ breakfasts, but products such as mangoes, bananas, toasts, or chia seeds are also becoming popular, especially among the younger generation.

Breakfast during summer

In the summer and during the warmer months, Slovaks ate mainly porridge, fruit, vegetables, and generally lighter meals for breakfast in the past.

During the summer, most of the fruits and vegetables ripened in the fields and trees and were therefore often used as part of the meals.

Breakfast during winter

During the winter months, heavier meals and more meat were eaten for breakfast. The main reason was that at the beginning of the winter, domestic slaughterhouses took place, and therefore these products were consumed especially during the winter.

5 most traditional Slovak breakfasts

As I have already mentioned, porridge has been one of the most common traditional Slovak breakfast dishes for many centuries. Another important element of Slovak breakfast was bread.

Bread began to be baked in our territory in the 14th century. For many centuries, it has become an integral part of many people’s meals. The bread was baked mainly wholemeal, from the 19th century from mixed flour (rye with wheat), or black.

In the past, Slovaks baked bread mainly at home, and over time, in the 19th and 20th centuries, industrial bakeries began to be established, in which bread was baked and sold.

Currently, most Slovaks buy bread in groceries, but baking bread at home has become very popular again in recent years.

And now I will introduce you to some of the most traditional Slovak breakfasts.


Oatmeal porridge with walnuts, blueberries, and honey in a wooden bowl (source)

Various porridges have been the most common breakfast dish in the past. These were mainly made from:

  • oatmeal
  • milk
  • semolina
  • chickpea
  • buckwheat

The porridge was eaten salted, with milk or sour milk, water, or sweetened with honey. This breakfast gave people a lot of energy and was quick to prepare.

Even today, young and old Slovaks like to have breakfast of various kinds of porridge. They prefer to eat it with fresh fruit and various nuts.

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Bread with sheep cheese

Bread with sheep cheese (source)

Sheep farming was a frequent source of livelihood for Slovaks in the past. Among other things, the sheep also gave them milk, from which various dairy products such as sheep’s cheese were made.

Sheep’s cheese was produced mainly in the mountainous areas of Slovakia, in the regions of central, northern, and eastern Slovakia. This product is still very popular among Slovaks and also by foreigners.

Quick TIP: You can buy sheep cheese in small shops along the roads in central and northern Slovakia. Especially on the route between Žilina and Ružomberok, there are a large number of these sheep cheese shops.

Bread with butter and honey or marmalade

Bread with butter and honey (source)

Bread with butter and honey was the most popular among children. In the past, children did not receive sweets so often, so they always looked forward to this breakfast.

Like all other traditional breakfasts, these were made from ingredients that people produced themselves. People in Slovakia have been involved in beekeeping for many centuries, so in most Slovak regions, domestic honey was present in every household.

Quick TIP: You can also buy homemade honey in small shops along the roads in central, eastern, and northern Slovakia. Especially in the vicinity of the High and Low Tatras, or other Slovak national parks where a lot of people standing around the roads and offering their products.

Scrambled eggs

Traditional scrambled eggs (source)

In almost every Slovak yard, hens were bred in the past, and therefore eggs formed a common part of Slovak cuisine. And that is the reason why scrambled eggs are also among the most popular Slovak breakfasts.

At present, many people in Slovakia no longer keep chickens, but this type of breakfast is still popular in our country. Scrambled eggs are part of almost every hotel breakfast menu, so you too can try this dish during your stay in Slovakia.

Bacon with onion and other vegetables

Homemade bacon from Slovakia

Slovaks ate bacon for breakfast, especially during the winter months. It was a rare meal that was not in abundance and Slovaks didn’t eat it every day.

Bacon has always been a “ritual or special” dish in Slovakia. It was served as a festive meal at weddings, slaughterhouses, or over the holidays.

Interesting fact: Having bacon in the household meant wealth, and therefore bacon was perceived in the past as a symbol of abundance.

Bacon was most often eaten with bread and onions. In the past, bacon and bread were typical travel dishes. It was wrapped in a napkin and could be eaten even after the journey in the summer heat. Later, mustard was added to this breakfast.

At present, bacon is still one of the popular breakfasts in Slovakia. However, based on new knowledge in the field of health and healthy nutrition, which attributes its negative impact on the development of cancer, its consumption has been declining in recent years.


In the past, breakfast was the main dish of the day in Slovakia. And therefore it was a hearty meal, which consisted mainly of home-made products.

Some of the traditional Slovak breakfast is similar to in other countries, especially in Europe or the United States, but some of them are more typical for Slovakia only.

Let me know in the comment section which breakfast you like the most and which one you want to try or already did. And if you know some other traditional and typical Slovak breakfast, let me know about it.


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