All about Taxis in Bratislava: Costs, Examples & Local Tips

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It is very easy to get a taxi in Bratislava because there are many of them and some of the local drivers speak or understand basic English. However, some of them may try to take advantage of you by charging crazy rates, particularly if you hail a cab on the street. However, we have some excellent advice on how to get a good, safe, and inexpensive taxi ride in Bratislava.

The minimum fee for a taxi in Bratislava starts at around 4€ and varies on distance and other factors. It is always cheaper to order a taxi via call phone (a lot of companies offer discounts). You can also choose from taxi alternatives such as Uber, Bolt, or Hopin via their mobile apps.

If you are traveling for the first time to Bratislava and you are still not sure about the transportation read further to find out more about taxi services in Bratislava, their pricing, types, alternatives, and important tips that can prevent you from getting scammed, etc.

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Are Taxis Expensive in Bratislava? Complete Costs Breakdown
Are Taxis Expensive in Bratislava? Complete Costs Breakdown

How Much do Taxis Cost in Bratislava

I have prepared a basic comparison of some of the taxi companies in Bratislava. It is comparing their prices for starting fee, the price for kilometer inside and outside of the city, waiting fee per minute, and minimum fee.

VB TaxiTaxi BratislavaHelloTaxiTik-Tak-Taxi
Starting fee1,50€1,20€1,30€1,20€
Price/Km inside the city0,69€0,55€1,10€ (-50% via phone order)0,33€
Price/Km outside the city1,29€1,10€1,10€ (-50% via phone order)0,90€
Waiting Fee per min.0,29€0,26€0,25€0,33€
Minimum Fee3,90€4€4,50€4,50€
Taxis cost in Bratislava

Most of the taxi companies have starting fees. Price is after that adding up by the number of the kilometers taxi has to drive, if it is inside the city or outside, if he has to wait for you (waiting time) and there is also minimum fee that you have to pay even if you do not travel that far with a taxi.

Some of the cheapest starting fees start at 1,20 euro. Some of the taxi companies give you a discount if you order a taxi via phone call.

Taxi from Bratislava Airport to City Centre

In this table, you can see different taxi companies or services like Bolt and Uber and their starting price for a ride from Bratislava Airport to City Centre.

(prices for 4 seat car)Bratislava Airport – Bratislava City Centre
(prices for 4 seat car)Bratislava Airport – Bratislava City Centre
Taxi fees from Bratislava Airport to City Centre

There are several options for getting to and from the Bratislava airport, and one of the best options that many people overlook is private airport transfers.

This is a great way to avoid queueing with dozens of other tourists for a bus, as well as being scammed by taxi drivers who take advantage of the fact that you are a foreigner. Instead, you can be comfortably picked up from the arrival hall!

Since the airport is not that far away from the city center, most of the taxi services provide transport from the airport to the city center as well. However, prices might be higher.

Prices start at 18 euros and can vary if you choose a service that you can book before with fixed prices or get a cab at the spot which could be much more expensive since they charge for kilometers, starting fee and other things which may add up for the higher price.

Taxi from Vienna Airport to Bratislava Old Town

Many people who want to visit Bratislava arrive at Vienna Airport. This is understandable because this airport serves a much larger number of flights from all over the world than Bratislava Airport. Find the normal fees for taxis from Vienna Airport to Bratislava Old Town in the table below:

(prices for 4 seat car)Vienna Airport – Bratislava City Centre
Transport Schwechat40€
Vienna-Bratislava Taxi49€
Taxi Bratislava50€
Bratislava Taxi55€
Taxi fees from Vienna Airport to Bratislava Old Town

Most of the private companies mentioned before also provide transport from Vienna Airport to Bratislava Old town and vice versa.

This is a good way to comfortably book your transport in advance and get to Bratislava Old Town without long waiting at the airport.

Prices for transport start at 40 euros. You can either choose from the standard car which can fit 4 passengers or a van which fits up to 8 people.

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Taxi from Bratislava to Vienna

Visiting Vienna during your stay in Bratislava is a great idea. These two capitals are only about 80 km apart and therefore even a day trip is worth taking. Find the normal fees for the taxi from Bratislava to Vienna in the table below:

(prices for 4 seat car)Vienna – Bratislava
Transport Schwechat65€
Vienna-Bratislava Taxi70€
Taxi Bratislava70€
Bratislava Taxi75€
Taxi fees from Bratislava to Vienna

Taxi from Bratislava to Vienna usually costs around 65-70 euros.

You can easily find some taxi services that can transport you from Bratislava to Vienna online or use the examples we have provided to book your transport comfortably and even in advance without worrying about astronomical prices!

Taxi from Bratislava Railway Station to City Centre

You can see prices from Bratislava Railway Station to 3 different places in City Centre in the table below. As you can see for such a short ride (few kilometers) it is better to call Bolt or Uber rather than a classic taxi company since they usually have a minimum fee which is higher than the price for Bolt or Uber.

From Bratislava Railway StationTo Bratislava CastleTo Eurovea Shopping CentreTo SNP Square
Taxi fees from Bratislava Railway Station to City Centre

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When you get off the train at the railway station in Bratislava, there are numerous taxi and taxi companies awaiting at the “hot spots” right in front of the entrance to the train station. Therefore, you can order a taxi with a phone call or just simply hop into one of the taxi cabs and ask the driver to drive you there.

How to Call Taxi in Bratislava

The best way to call a taxi in Bratislava is to call them directly. Stopping a cab or getting one at a “hot spot” might be more expensive than calling the taxi company directly.

Gather as many taxi phone numbers as possible just in case some company does not have free cars.

If you are a foreigner make sure you dial Slovakia’s country code which is +421! I have already mentioned some of the taxi services in the table before but here are some that you might use as well: Taxi Bratislava, Easy Taxi, GreenTaxi.

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Is There Uber in Bratislava?

Yes, there is an Uber in Bratislava. You can use it as well as Uber’s alternatives. You can use a service called Bolt (Taxify before) which is also commonly used in Slovakia.

There is also a service called Hopin which operates in Košice and Bratislava. Both companies work at the same principle as Uber. You download an app, fill out the information needed and then just order a taxi from point A to point B.

Taxi Services/Companies in Bratislava

There are many taxi services in Bratislava. Here are some examples that you might use:

Find a complete list of taxi services/companies in Bratislava (the website is in the Slovak language).

 If you are traveling to Bratislava and plan to use taxi services, be sure to check them out and pick the one that suits you best!

Although, some of the companies do not have their website in English so be sure to translate them so everything is clear to you before you pick the right one!

Local Tips for Using Taxi in Bratislava

Make sure you only take a taxi that has a taxi company’s license. Individual taxi drivers can be found in taxi “hot spots” such as the bus or train station, airport, or the city center (Hviezdoslav’s Square and the taxi spot near the Michael’s Gate), charging double or triple the normal fare.

When you call a taxi service to order a car, it is less expensive. Never pull over to the side of the road to stop a car you see (they have a much higher rate). You can sometimes save up to half the price this way.

If you are in a hurry and must stop a car be sure to discuss the price of the ride with a taxi driver in advance to avoid paying stupidly high prices.

If you have a problem with a taxi driver (for example, if you believe you are being overcharged), dial 112 and explain your situation to the operator.

Taxi cars usually have a phone number and name on the door of the car. Use that to call them and save money!


If you are visiting Slovakia for the first time, I recommend using this article as a guide which will make your travels less troublesome and avoid problems connected with taxi companies in big cities around the world.

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